Thursday, September 1, 2011

Myles' first day of Kindergarten and bus ride...

Myles began his Kindergarten career today by getting on the bus for the first time with his neighbors. He seemed so excited and ready, he didn't even give Mommy and Daddy a hug and high-five. Maybe next time. At least we were able to capture the moment on video... I think his little bro Eamon was a little disappointed that he couldn't ride the bus too, but he is enjoying the morning with Mom and Dad!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

18 months and counting...(cont)

18 months and counting...

It has been a while since our last post. The holidays always seem to take over every aspect of your life and the next thing you know it is the middle of January. We had a nice Christmas here in Durham. Myles was very excited for Santa's arrival and couldn't wait to see what special things he brought him. Luckily Santa came through with his top four items: a whistle, a football helmet, hockey skates and a snowboard. Welcome to the wild world of sports! Eamon was happy enough opening presents and it didn't really matter what was in it. We should have just wrapped some empty boxes for him and let him go crazy.
Eamon has also been busy working on his skills. He is quickly transitioning from walking to running and can be found moving quickly on his tiptoes. He is also getting very good at recognizing animals and making their noises. So far he knows kitty, sheep, horse, dog and cow. He is also shaping up to be a bit of a monkey and can be found climbing up everything. Eamon can also show you various body parts when asked and will point to his head when he wants to put on one of the 10 helmets we have.
Myles is busy back at school, playing basketball on Saturday and perfecting his skating and snowboarding skills. It is amazing how quickly he has picked up both skating and snowboarding.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Happy Halloween

It has been a while since the last post and we have been busy with lots of fall activities. From apple picking to first field trips, the fall has been full of fun. Eamon is finally walking and can't be stopped. Myles had his first school field trip with a visit to Emery Farm where he went on a hayride and walked through a corn maze. A few weeks ago we cheered on UNH at the men's hockey game. Unfortunately, our cheering wasn't enough for them to pull out the victory. Our most recent adventure was Halloween which was a three day extrvaganza. It started Thursday with a class party. That evening we went on a Pumpkin Stroll at Myles' school to see all of the pumpkins decorated by students. Friday was treat night with trick-or-treating with our friends the Dulacs. Myles, Drew and Cole sprinted from house to house and finished in record time. Eamon even joined in and rang some doorbells for treats. However, he also tried to go into people's houses and was soon cutoff. Finally, Saturday evening we went to the Halloween party put on by Durham Parks and Rec where we all took a spooky walk through the woods (I think the adults were more freaked out than the kids).

School Halloween Party

Myles pumpkin for the pumpkin stroll.

Decorating his pumpkin.

Firefighter Chief O'Quinn

Water tank made by daddy.

Myles and his class.

Treat Night and Spooky Walk!!!

Lugging all of his loot!

Myles, Julian and Vivian at the Spooky Walk.

Eamon hanging out before the spooky Walk.

Waiting for some treats!

Showing off his new skills.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Myles' 4th Birthday...

Myles celebrated his 4th birthday with family and friends this past weekend. He had a great time playing on the playground with his cousins and then came back to the house for pizza and cake. This year marked the first year that he didn't burst into tears during Happy Birthday. Thank you to everyone who helped him celebrate!!