Saturday, June 20, 2009

Portsmouth Pocket Garden Tour

Clematis in one of the gardens.

Catching a ride with mommy.

Walking through the garden.

Today Myles and Eamon went on a garden tour in Portsmouth with Baampah (my dad), Dramma (my mom), Mimi (Kirk's mom) and me. Both boys enjoyed looking at all of the pretty flowers. Myles also loved the houses with the water features and live entertainment. There was one house in particular that he found the most fun because it had a little house for kids worked into the garden. However, when asked what his favorite part of the whole day was his reply was the sprinkle cookies that were served throughout the tour.

Garden Tour, cont.

Watching the fish in the Koi pond.

Hanging out in the little house.

Enjoying a little quiet time.

Same mom, new baby.

Market Square Day

Last weekend we met our friends, the Dulacs, in Portsmouth for Market Square Day. Myles had a great time dancing in the street with his friends Drew and Cole. After, we all walked down to the children's area where the boys got their faces painted and picked out some cool masks. Myles and Drew both chose the Green Goblin and Cole went for the dog.

Market Square Day, cont.

Lee Speedway

We took Myles and Eamon to Lee Speedway the other day for an organized outing. Myles was in heaven seeing all of the race cars and then watching them practice before the race. He was very excited to see one of the cars decorated with Sponge Bob and his friends.

Friday, June 12, 2009

10 Months

Eamon has been busy working on a new set of skills this month. He has transitioned into crawling and is busy pulling himself up on everything. He is having fun making mommy and daddy chase him around the house and finds trouble wherever he goes. We have found him trying to climb the stairs, dumping Tiger's food bowl all over the floor, rearranging the pantry and trying to climb through the cat door.

Eamon at 10 months

Standing in my crib!

Blueberries for breakfast.

Important business.

Making music at Music Together.

10 Month football picture.