Tuesday, January 12, 2010

18 months and counting...(cont)

18 months and counting...

It has been a while since our last post. The holidays always seem to take over every aspect of your life and the next thing you know it is the middle of January. We had a nice Christmas here in Durham. Myles was very excited for Santa's arrival and couldn't wait to see what special things he brought him. Luckily Santa came through with his top four items: a whistle, a football helmet, hockey skates and a snowboard. Welcome to the wild world of sports! Eamon was happy enough opening presents and it didn't really matter what was in it. We should have just wrapped some empty boxes for him and let him go crazy.
Eamon has also been busy working on his skills. He is quickly transitioning from walking to running and can be found moving quickly on his tiptoes. He is also getting very good at recognizing animals and making their noises. So far he knows kitty, sheep, horse, dog and cow. He is also shaping up to be a bit of a monkey and can be found climbing up everything. Eamon can also show you various body parts when asked and will point to his head when he wants to put on one of the 10 helmets we have.
Myles is busy back at school, playing basketball on Saturday and perfecting his skating and snowboarding skills. It is amazing how quickly he has picked up both skating and snowboarding.