Monday, March 16, 2009

Myles and Eamon update...

Eamon has been busy mastering some new tricks over the past month and a half. After several face plants, he is able to sit up by himself and reach for his toys. He is also working on transitioning from sitting to belly crawling. The other big trick he is working on is moving. With a lot of effort he is able to move himself torward a desired object (usually his brother's toys). Like his big brother, Eamon is already quite the talker and enjoys babbling with anyone who will listen.
Myles has finished basketball and will be starting soccer in the Spring. He has been busy with school and seems to be enjoying it. However, he will tell you otherwise when asked. He and Kirk have been busy warming up for the golf season by going to the driving range and hitting balls in the basement. During the off season Myles has been working on his hockey game and attending UNH games with Kirk.

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