Friday, May 29, 2009

Longmarsh Preserve

On Memorial Day we decided to go for a walk through Longmarsh Preserve. It is an area behind our house where beavers have built several dams to make these large ponds. It is quite an unbelievable sight! There are marked trails and if you follow the right one it should take an hour or so.
However, we decided to take another marked trail thinking it would lead us back to our car also and almost ended up in Newmarket. That is the next town over from Durham for those of you unfamiliar with the area. After checking Kirk's Blackberry for a map of the trails and flagging down a passing car, we headed back in the direction we just came from. Needless to say we made it out well before dark and Myles was a real trooper walking most of the time. Luckily we were prepared and brought bug wipes since the mosquitoes came out in full force part way through.

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